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News and program – September


Tuesday 1st and 15th at 7.30 pm: Taizéprayer and gathering

Wednesdays 12.10 pm:  Mass followed by lunch

Sunday 6th 10 amMass in Saint Thomas Church (the parish Mass in Swedish)  – afterwards gathering at Sandgatan. If wheather is good we go to Lomma beach by bus for a barbecue (leaving 12.45 pm) otherwise we´ll have lunch at Sandgatan. Please tell br Björn if you´ll come.

Tuesday 8th: Introduction meeting of TAMAM, association working with immigrant and refugee  youth in Lund, Vårfruskolan 6 pm. Join br Björn, leaving from Sandgatan latest 5.45 pm.

Do you want to take a walk to the Dominican monastery in Rögle, 10 km from Lund, perhabs Sunday 13th for Sunday Mass together? Leaving from Sandgatan at 9 am. Please tell br Björn

No English Mass is celebrated in Saint Thomas parish church during September.


Hello everybody,

We´re all getting back again after summer break, those of us who didn´t stay in Lund. And those who saw the end of their stay here, going back to their countries like Anon to Indonesia, Alix to France, Lenka to Slovakia and Ruta to Lituania. Let´s thank them and others for their presence among us the last year.

The diversity of our group, with people from all continents is really catholic in the best sense, but also a challenge: it´s not always easy to connect with people different from ourselves, it demands openness and interest. It can also demand a certain insistence from us, seeing the difference beneath the visual aspect of the other, and reflecting about it, getting a way to find a key to the others. Our faith in Christ, sharing it together can be such a key. We have all  to relate to the same stories of the Scriptures, and the same life of Jesus, but we all do if from the perspective of our background and personallity. This can be very enriching and I hope we´ll have many good occasions of sharing life this year, too. I would also like you to pay an interest to the new-comers and invite them into your own life.

In November there will be a great Taizégathering in Lund the weekend 13th-15th.  There will be prayers in the big cathedral of Lund and various meetings and seminares. Brother Matthew from Taizé will also participate.We´ll see if we can invite other young catholic people from the south of Sweden to come here. Do you have any ideas? Bring them to our group, and to Maria, Joakim and Evelina who participate in the organization. Look for info at and mail to And bookmark already now this weekend in November.

We have now some responsibles for our various gatherings. Get in touch with them for proposals and participation:

Wednesday lunches: Evelina and Judy

Taizéevenings: Verena

Info and social activities: Stefano

The blog: Joakim

We have contacts with an association working with immigrant youth in Lund, TAMAM. Volunteering with them can be a good way of deepening faith. Interested? Come to their introduction meeting on Sep 8th (look in the calender). I intend to go myself- tell me and we go together.

yours, brother Björn