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Lunch after Mass, Sunday 1st of November

Everybody is welcome to lunch at the Dominican priory after Mass (10 AM in the parish church of St. Thomas) on Sunday, 1st of November.

As with the Wednesday lunches, we would need two or three people who could help with buying and cooking the food (a simple meal). We will ask for a contribution from the participants in order to cover the purchase costs. If you are interested, please contact me on 0730-468250.


Program and Newsletter for November


Tuesday 3rd and 17th at 7.30 pm: Taizéprayer and gathering

Wednesdays 12.10 pm: Mass followed by lunch Sunday 1st 10 am: Lunch together at Sandgatan after 10 am Mass- we gather at Sankt Thomas Church after Mass and go and prepare the meal together – contact Benoît if you would like to prepare the menu (preparation together).

Friday 13th evening- Sunday 15th noon: Taizémeeting in Lund. Prayers in the cathedral of Lund and various meetings and seminares. Brother Matthew from Taizé participates. -For registration for meals (150:-, two meals on Saturday): do it NOW –mail to – Name, age, and mobile.

Wednesday lunches: Evelina and Judy
Taizéevenings: Verena and Stefano
Info and social activities: Stefano
The blog: Joakim


As you have perhabs noticed the Taizémeeting in Lund is approaching. I know by now at least 10-12 of our friends are registered for the meals (look above) on Saturday, which form a part of this meeting. Of course you can participate in all the other things without registration- but if we could spend this week-end as a whole together it would be fine.
And more: Christine has proposed that we as a group do a service together during the weekend – that could f ex be some cooking and distribution of meals. Please put a comment to this message if you would like to volunteer – exact hours will be decided later.
Since we know that some old friends like Momo and Xavier (and Magnus?) will join us (come on Tündi…)and some young catholics from other towns, I hope we also can make a little reunion at Sandgatan that Saturday.
Info will follow.
One difficult thing about an ecumenical meeting like this: on that Sunday we are reminded about the fractioning of Christianity. The big service in the cathedral is according to Lutheran tradition – and unfortionately Catholic and Lutheran Churches do not share mutually in the Eucharist. So catholics can participate in the service, step forward and be given the blessing, but without taking the bread and wine, sadly enough.  I´ll  go myself to this service in the cathedral to pray and sing and receive the blessing from the Lord.
Look for general info about the meeting at

Many people are passing by and joining our community this autumn, really from all parts of the world, and it´s so interesting and nice to share moments together. Often it´s quite enough just having a small talk after the taizéprayer or Mass. But each one: think of how you would like to use our group for the other´s and your own spiritual growth. To ask questions is a really efficient way of getting further. Use our meetings to hear the others talk on subjects that are important to you. Speak Out: Jesus Christ is the Word – and words we should be given to each other,

see you, yours, brother Björn

This last Saturday…

Hi, a photo from our walk this Saturday- do you know that the hebrew word for Spirit, “ruh” is the same as for “breathing” and for “wind”?  Breathing is the most basic spiritual activity – without breath, no life. We were breathing good air this Staurday, and went home refreshed and tired… yours, brother Björn