Walk in the Light


Looking for a good spiritual ground to go deeper into my faith and my questioning, I met by chance the Dominican community of Lund. Really seduced by the youth group, I soon started to come regularly from Copenhagen to participate to the group activities. More than just being warmly welcome – as the Swedish hospitality, made of candles and “kanelbulle”, enjoys it in the most cosy way –, I really found within the group a haven of peace, joy and friendship, a community of sharing and values, in which I felt comfortable to talk about my faith and my experiences, in which my soul found serenity to get closer to God, in which my questioning became at the same time more challenging and more satisfied. 🙂

With the Taizé evenings and the retreat to Taizé for Easter, I got to know about the Taizé spirituality, which inspires me a lot in its simplicity and its universality. The walks in the beautiful Swedish countryside, in a joyful and monastic atmosphere, between sharing and silence, teachings and meditation, strengthened our links as well as my Christian way of life…fraternal walks in a cathedral of Nature, walks in the Light! 🙂

It is difficult to testify in a couple of lines to all the beautiful experiences I had within this youth group and the Dominican community, but if you are interested in getting to know more about Christianity or if you already are a “confirmed” Christian and look for a rich bounded Christian community, I would definitely advise you to knock on Sandgatan’s doors, there always are ears to listen to you, words to advise you, and people with candles in their eyes, and join for a walk, a walk in the Light… 🙂 /  Xavier


One response to “Walk in the Light

  1. Hello Xavier!

    How are you? Long time not seeing you around. I pray that everything is allright on your side. 🙂


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