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we received dmany groups at Sandgatan - Saturday afternoon a Catholic group from Halmstad came to see ushi, would you say something about the Taizémeeting? – leave a comment here… and put in some images,  yours brother Björn


Meeting! + Sunday lunch!

hi everybody, I´m glad to say that we are many from our student community who will participate in the Taizémeeting this weekend -also as volunteers. A good group will cook and distribute meals in different parishes around the city – others will help and organize things for a youth group staying at the Dominicans and for groups of young Catholics from other cities. As far as I know there will be young Cahtolics from several other places coming on Saturday (a group of 18 yooung people are coming from Halmstad!)  and Saturday evening.

Use also this occasion for: Praying – together and in silence. The Chapel at Sandgatan 8 will be a place for silent prayer during the Saturday – go there and spend some time.        yours, brother Björn

Some things regarding the program:

6.30 pm: We meet at Sandgatan  8 to go to the Cathedral for the evening prayer.

6.15 pm:  Meeting with Catholic students and young people from different places – short prgram.  At around 7 we
´ll go to the Cathedral for the evening prayer.  OBS Evening prayer is at 7.30 pm.

About 12.30 pm:  After Service in the Cathedral   – LUNCH together, prepared by ourselves.

PROGRAM – the Taizémeeting


The Taizémeeting in Lund is soon here. I hope it will be an occasion to meet and pray and talk together, that will bear fruit in our lives!  See you, yours br Björn

From the community in Taizé

Sandgatan 8 can be used as our meeting point during the whole meeting.


Friday Nov 13th

6 pm Arrival and welcoming

6.30 pm We meet at Sandgatan to go to the Cathedral

7.30 pm Eveningprayer in the Cathedral

Saturday  Nov 14th

The chapel att Sandgatan 8 will be open for silent prayers on Saturday

8.30 am Morningprayer in the Cathedral

10.45 am Bible introduction by brother Matthew from the Taizécommunity followed by talk in small groups

12.45 pm Prayer in the Cathedral

1.30 pm Lunch

2.30 pm Signs of Hope – workshops and talk in small groups

5.30 pm  Dinner

6.15 pm  Meeting at Sandgatan with Catholic students and youth alseo from other towns – afterwards we go together to the Cathedral

7 pm Brother Matthew about the Taizécommunity (in the Cathedral)

OBS! OBS! 8.30 pm Eveningprayer in the Cathedral

Sunday Nov 15th

11 pm Service in the Cathedral – if you want to go to a Catholic Mass  – there is  Sankt Thomas Church 10 am or 4 pm (Spanish)

Afterwards: Lunch at Sandgatan (Stefano and Verena+? plans, we prepare together)

Looking forward for this occasion, see you, yours br Björn

“Deep down in human beings, there is a longing for a presence, a silent wish to experience a community. Let us never forget that a simple desire for contact with God is already beginning to believe.”   Brother Roger, founder of the Taizécommunity