Monthly Archives: December 2009

Call for life! And He comes.

Irresistible! A strong wind entering in our lives!  Let´s think about the coming Christ in such terms. The one that changes all! For He does – but we do have to call for Him, not piously stiff, readymade, but with true words, our own, springing from our own centre. Yes, from the heart! He is also the eternal Creator of everything. But in my life that seems quite abstract. Isn´t it fantastic that this Unchanging one is moved by my prayers, my crying for help? That it´s my voice that provokes His action? Touched with compassion He starts His work… My life seems to be the same,  routines, everyday duties,  hard work, and also pains and stuff. But with a sweet taste somewhere, life starting to grow from within. The proof of Gods existence is: JOY. Not that I´m always smiling. But that I conceive a certain opening where the door seemed to be shut.   A light shining in.
Let´s pray this Christmas for all the suffering, the emprisonned, those who doesn´t find there way – our prayers touches Him for sure. And for ourselves, our longing for true communion, brother- and sisterhood,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, yours, brother Björn

Cleaning day 12th december


You are very welcome to clean the rooms we so often use at the Dominicans December the 12th (Saturday) at 3 p.m.

We will clean the kitchen (finally!). You never know what surprizes you find there 😉 and also the lunch room and the cleaning cupboard. That woun’t take much time.

Then we will cook dinner together, before we start with the Lucia adoration.

Please, leave a comment if you can come, so we know approximately.

Lucia adoration 12 december

December the 13th we celebrate St. Lucia. On that purpose, we will have an adoration at the dominican priory the evening before.

We start at 6 p.m Saturday the 12th and end at 6 a.m. with a mass. In parallel, we will have activities like baking, Gospel reading, dansing and F. Anders Piltz will have a talk.

It’s drop-in and drop-out, so come when you can. Hopefully you can stay for the night 🙂

Before the adoration starts, we will cook a meal together and do a cleaning of the room and kitchen that we so often use. We can meet at 3 p.m. in the lunch room.

Hope to see you there!