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Program and newsletter May- June

Wednesdays 12.10 pm: –  No Mass and lunch during June-August!

Friday May 28th – Sunday: Weekend in Rögle, we will go to Rögle from Lund gathering 5.15 pm at Lund C busstop for bus 166 towards Södra Sandby (step off at Blåvingevägen) For biking there meet with Stefano at 5 pm in
the same place and briskly bike to Rögle following the lane to S.Sandby.  You will have to bring:
– small things so we can make a simple dinner on arrival – 300 Skr – sheets and towel – Bible, paper and pencil-are you not register and want to join – contact br Björn

Tuesday June 2nd : CELEBRATION OF END OF THE SEMESTER, people are soon leaving ! Taizéprayer at 7 pm, barbecue afterwords at 8 pm.     – There will be sallads, wine and non-alcoholic beavredges – please bring something for the grill – we put it all together.   OBS! the hour!

Tuesday June 15th 7.30 pm: – Taizéprayer at 7 and gathering

I hope also we can bike to the sea in  Bjärred (10 km) one evening in the middle of June.  Or something else on proposal.

Newsletter June 2010

It is in the intimacy with God that things can start to happen! God is in everything, He is living in us and we are living in Him. When shall we realize that?  – well, intimacy with Him is the source. That can be in many ways. But it means a devellopement of an interior space within us. A listening space where His whispering can be heard.

We started a Prayer Line: some of us prays for our community and for each other. It may be seen as an odd thing – to pray for each other. Does God care about our prayers?  I should say: prayers changes our own perspectives. It is as if we take up God in our arms, like a mother who takes her child in her arms. And everything changes. God does need our care, it´s the only way He can survive in our world – and make the world survive. So join and pray for our student community and for each others. Pass some minutes every night in prayer. Read a passage from the Gospel. Be silent. Pray.

When the Spirit comes to the Apostles  on Pentacoste they go out on mission. They preach, they care and heal. And every Christian community since that time does that. We welcomes foreign students here every semester. we can really take this as our task! Perhabs we could also propose to them a mission? I´ve talked about Tamam before – – look at that. We gathered food for a soop kitchen in February. I would myself be interested to meet with young people in the streets of Lund – would that be possible? A group going out nighttime among young people? Think of that!

See you soon , I hope, yours brother Björn

Last Student Mass: May 26th

last Student Mass and lunch this semester will be on May 26th

Pentacoste vigile on Saturday

The sisters in Rögle have a Pentacost vigile ( in Swedish at 8pm this Saturday May 22nd. Meet me outside Sankt Thomas Church, Stora Tomegatan (not at the Dominicans because of the carnival, it will be too messy at Sandagatan) at 6.30 pm and we bike out there (12 km) . yours br Björn