MAY – newsletter

Last week we had a walk in nature. And next Sunday we´re going to see the film Babette´s feast. Yes, we do many things together, and things that could be done by anyone, of any faith. Is it just for fun then?

I would like to stress the spiritual side of our coming together. Coming together – that we meet as fellow humans and take the opportunity to take interest in one another and devellop our community in Christ. He is the inside of our being, the truth about ourselves.
Walking in nature means to come out in another situation where we can breath fresh air. Breathing is the most basic spiritual activity and we tend to forget that or take it for nothing. But if we learned to take our breath as a serious matter many things could change for us. To become aware of our breath and to do that in connexion with prayer means opening up to our inner self where Christ resides. Walk and breath, leave the destructive thoughts of the egocentric “me” behind.
And films? Well, quality films (and other cultural expressions) hide depth of reality which are in connexion with Christ. Jesus Christ, risen Lord, integrates all expressions of human life which are created with a will of truth and justice.  To see a good film is not just being entertained by a good story, but can mean to enter to the mysteries of life – if we learn to find the keys, how to look, how to dicover the hidden layers of a film. Therefore we need to discuss the film afterwords, to make it become fruitful in our lives. So come next Sunday to see and discuss Babette´s feast – it´s really an interesting film, yours br Björn


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