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A day by the sea – Saturday August 28th

hi, come for an excursion to Ljunghusen, and the very south of Skåne, 25 km south of Malmö and by the beach. A reunion day Saturday Aug 28th, from morning until late if you want: walks on the beach, swimming, cooking, prayer, talk… We are invited to Misias house for this occasion, a very nice place I´ve been told.

Buses are going frequently from Malmö C. We´ll decide time (well, going in the morning) and other practical things in August.

Please tell me before Wed Aug 25 if you will come:

a message here or at bjorn

Summerbreak, and then…

hi everyone,

Now we have a summerbreak, and only a few of us are still in Lund. In August some of us gather on the island of Gotland for a week together.

And then…This Automn we´ll continue our meetings with students and other young people at Sandgatan. Though the frame is Catholic, all young people of good will,  from age of 18 and of any religion, are welcome to join for sharing in life.   If you find a problem to participate in Mass (or prayers), you can join for walks and excursions, meals together and cultural events that will be announced on the blog. You just have to show respect to our place and people gathering here.  We´ll each month celebrate a Sunday Mass with a meal and (cultural) program afterwards and a sharing of the Gospel before – look beneath for details. I hope that brother Brian, a canadian dominican who´s been living in Hensinki for a couple a years will preside this Mass and also share our meal and talk. Brother Brian will stay with the brothers at Sandgatan during this Automn.

Wednesday Aug 18th there will be the General Market Forum at LTH Kårhus, where the new exchange students will attend. We are welcome to have a table there and distribute our information and talk to people during this day. A good way to invite newcomers to our place. Interested to particitpate?  -Tell me.
Let us take it as an apostolic task to welcome who welcome whoever comes to us and invite them to share our community.

yours brother Björn

Here´s the basic program for this Automn. All initiatives are welcome.

Student Sunday Mass (mixed languages, English, Swedish and others)
1st Sunday/month 4.30 pm. Meal and program afterwards at 3.30 there will be a talk and sharing around todays Gospel.
start Sep 5th

Prayer in the spirit of Taizé
1st and 3rd Tuesday/month 7.30 pm. Gathering with program afterwards
start Aug 31st

Student Mass and lunch
every Wednesday 12.10 pm
start Sep 1st

Reading of the Gospel of Luke and talk
2nd and 4th Monday/month 7.30 pm
start Sep13th

help a student with room in Lund

hi, I got a mail from Ewa, a polish student i Krakow,who will come as Erasmus student to Lund this autumn.  Ewa use to frequent the Dominicans and the student groups in Krakow. Perhabs there is someone who could help her? Send me a mail or phone me 076-2763667. Here´s a part of Ewa´s letter:

“I’ve decided to write to you, because I still don’t have any accomodation in Lund, and I’d very much like to live with other catholic students. I would be very grateful if you could ask some students or even give an announcement on the blog, if anyone is looking for a flatmate or have any information about cheap rooms in Lund.
Thank you in advance for any help,
Best wishes, Ewa”