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Oct. 3rd: Student Mass and meal

Dear friends,

Next Sunday (October 3rd) is the first Sunday of the month, which means that we will have a gathering at the Dominican priory in the afternoon with a student Mass at 4.30pm, preceded by an introduction to the readings at 3.30pm and followed by a meal together with some kind of activity (to be determined).


Program and Newsletter -October 2010

Tuesdays Oct 5th and 19th, 7.30 pm: – Taizéprayer and gathering
12.10 pm: -Mass and lunch
Swedish Talking Café, 7 pm
Sunday Oct 3rd: Student Mass at 4.30pm, preceded by an introduction to the readings at 3.30pm and followed by a meal together Look for more on previous post.

Newsletter October 2010
Perhabs one of the most important words of the Gospel is GIVE. Giving your time, your energy your, engagement is what opens up, not only to others but also to Jesus Christ.
Whithout giving – no meeting. Without receiving either. And there´s a slight problem for many of us there.  – Because giving or receiving anything or anyhow can also hinder a meeting and an opening.  To give we have to be prepared, prepared so that we can do it with inner joy -and freedom. Some people, quite many in fact,  are in a situation that they feel, to be accepted they have to give, feel that they have to receive, – or people will not like them and they will be abandonned.
So to give we have to be free not to give, to say no when people ask. This no is so important! You cannot live without it. If we didn´t learn it as children we have to train as adults- say NO! – But do not stay in that no, take a step further, gather yourself in silence and prayer, take your measures – and the door can open do the Yes. You wake up one morning and feel somewhat different –  wanting to engage, to give your time for others – a yes to give and receive.

Do we have any musicians or singers around? Who would like to contribute in our different gatherings – take the initiative, tell us, and we organize something.
In fact also if there are people interested in litterature, theater, film or other things – all skills can be useful in our student community.
Nestor is leaving us after a year in Lund. Thanks a lot Nestor for sharing wioth us, and good luck in England.
There are so many people around here – please pray for our student community, for people joining here and for the Dominican brothers and sisters in Lund.
see you, yours brother Björn

Swedish talking café continues

yes, it continues this week at Thursday 7pm , Evelina