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Newsletter March 2011

hi everybody,
-Faith is reality. Maybe it´s not that way it´s normally considered, but it´s about reality. Because life is never an objective matter of fact to us. It may be so, as an object for scientific research. But that is not the same as living your life.  Life is revealed through…life – that is: through our engagement in things dear to us(…love), our longing, our expectations – through our faith. In this taking place in life as a person reality is revealed. True reality. Each one of us can do that. -The privileged way to live this is to practise some silence and see what is happening in yourself. And then express yourself in this silence, what is on your heart. Someone will be there to listen to you. Right in your heart.
-Don´t forget about the possiblities of meeting with others different from yourself, in voluntary work: TAMAM with immigrant children and youth, prisoners at Malmö prison, young people in Lund… please talk to me about that. We can never be Christians without that meeting. Let the Spirit talk.
Lent is starting with Ash Wednesday on March 9th. – That´s a day of abstination: only one full meal, no meat and alcohol or other pleasure. To remember that we are ashes. And Lent- think of how you could renew your prayer life, what additional time you can be present to others(that is: loving presence to the other), what binding pleasures you could reduce to become a freer person.
– And you´re always welcome to talk to me about anything that is important to you. To develop spiritually we have to talk about serious matters. The world today is full of jokes, chatting and what is called funny things and amusement. What is really needed is seriousity, to take things and people seriously. Jesus took things seriously. Let´s follow him.That doesn´t, I assure you, exclude humour, rather the opposite!
Serious things? Well for exemple to take interest in one another. After several years here Christina goes back to Cameroun. I think we learned a lot from Christina- always direct,  giving herself out.  And then Alex also just left for Mexico, Alex who since a long time popped up now and then at our Wednesday gatherings. In April Sherin returns to Kerala in India, Sherin who spent a lot of time with us for such a long time. Good luck, Christina, Sherin and Alex and thanks for everything
see you, yours br Björn

Program March 2011

SUNDAY 6th                – Sunday Mass 4.30pm followed by meal.  Sharing of the Gospel at 3.30pm. Do you want to prepare the meal?  Tell Benoît tel 0730-468250

MONDAYS  7th and 21st, 7.30pm – Reading of Luke and talk

TUESDAY 1st and 15th, 7.30pm – Taizé prayer and gathering with theme

WEDNESDAYS 12.10pm                  – Student Mass and lunch
-Wed 9th: Ash Wednesday, beginning of Lent, distribution of the ashes  in Mass.

SATURDAY  MARCH 5th            –Carneval – party and mascarade (optional) in Saint Thomas parish. -Let´s go together and meet at Sandgatan at 6.30, bring som food and wine, from 7 at Saint Thomas.

SATURDAY MARCH 26th – SUNDAY 27th  – Taizémeeting in Lund with prayers, seminares, bible introduction etc in the Cathedral. The meeting is organized by the Church of Sweden together with a group of students from different churches. Look for program at
– We´ll talk about our participation the coming weeks.

yours br Björn

meditation nu på torsdag

hej, you who´ve been to the introduction on meditation last Thursday – this and every Thursday there is meditation from 4.30 -5 pm, proceeded by possibility for questions, talk etc from 4.10.   Also others welcome, of course, yours br Björn