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No Student Mass May 1st

There will be no Student Mass celebrated in the chapel at Sandgatan May 1st, yours br Björn



Sunday 1st :  – No Sunday Mass will be celebrated in the chapel at Sandgatan.

Mondays  9th and 23rd at 7.30pm:  Reading of Luke and talk.

Tuesday 10th at 7 pmFILM and TALK:  No Country for Old Men by the Coen brothers, USA.  Introduction by David and talk afterwards.

Tuesday 2nd and 17th at 7.30 pm Taizé prayer and gathering

Wednesdays at 12.10 pm: Mass followed by lunch. Mass and lunch also Wed  April 27th.

Sunday 29th :   Sunday Mass, more info will follow in the middle of May.

 The Priory at Sandgatan will be open as usually, contrarily to what has announced before. I also hope we can have a festive end of the semester, most people leave Lund at the beginning of June, and quite many for good.

Many of us has been away over Easter and Lund seemed to be a deserted city. We had really happy celebrations with the sisters in Rögle, with beautiful songs and what must be called the Art of Liturgy- and friendship! At the start of the Easter Vigile Nolwenn knocked at the door (literally) and ask to be baptized:
-“What are you looking for? “ – “Faith.”
– Where to you expect it to bring you?” – “To eternal life.”
So now Nolwenn became a cathecumen and started to path towards baptism. “Faith to receive eternal life”, it can seem abstract. You can put it in many ways: that darkness of life is conquered by light and truth. Or that this being a Christian means to become fully human in a very personal way, different for each one of us. God is really on our side to become integrated persons with integrity, not an autocrathic ruler who demands blind obedience, ready to crush our longings.

May, that means end of semester and that Lund goes crazy. I hope though that we can have some time together also outside our fixed gatherings:
-It´s a wonderful time to get out in the forest for walk and picnic.
-Taras proposed playing football one day in May and Aude talked about some special event before leaving each others for summer, or for good. Take initiatives, talk to me to coordinate and develop the ideas, plan it, talk to each others – all for the benefit of all, of our community.
– Yes, I say this because we do have a kind of à la carte menu of gatherings, but this is not the same as market economy. At  the market you buy what you want and you don´t necessarily take care of any other aspects. A Christian community  implies an economy of gifts, of giving out oneself to the others. This does not mean that you should always be around at Sandgatan or giving out things blindly, but implies an attitude of relation towards each others. Talk to each others, talk to me! – Be serious, talk about serious matters! Look at the other one, how is her or his life  right now? Make use of your sense of humour! Let´s develop our skills of relations! -Market relations seems in our society to be the truth of relations. But it´s only one way, today a powerful and hegemonic one, to organize things. From a Christian point of view it may have its (restricted) place in economy, but not in human relations.
In the middle of May you will perhabs meet with our future new Dominican brothers in Lund, fr Yves and fr Paul-Dominique who will move here from France in August-September. They will visit and, who knows, perhabs participate in some gatherings.
I´m away from Lund in end of April and beginning of May, and then I´ll be back again, perhabs with somewhat fresher eyes than the last time.  See you! Continue to gather while I´m away, Sandgatan remains open.

Yours br Björn

Studentrum ledigt – volontär några timmar i veckan

Från i höst finns ett studentrum ledigt i anslutning till dominikanbrödernas kloster på Sandgatan. Om du är en yngre man intresserad av att delta i tideböner och mässor och av att ha kontakt med bröderna kan detta vara något för dig. Du skall vara beredd att avsätta några timmar i veckan för volontärt arbete på klostret. Kontakta br Johan,