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Message from Jerusalem…

Hi, here´s a little message from Jewish friends in Jerusalem – well, teh Spirit is flowing… look here

yours br Björn

Taizé prayer and picnic Tuesday May 31st

Hi there will be a  bit shorter Taizé prayer  and gathering Tuesday May 31st  – follwed by a picnic somewhere, bring beer or something with you,  yours br Björn

Program and Newsletter – Summer Approaching

Hi, with June 1st we stop our more official gatherings, except Taizé prayers that continue until end of June. Perhabs though there will be some gatherings, Evelina and Nolwenn are thinking of organiwe things. Check the blog if you´re interested. So keep in touch with them. Otherwise the Student community regather at the end of August.
yours br Björn
Sunday  29th :  – Sunday Mass 4.30 pm followed by meal and program.  Sharing of the Gospel at 3.30pm.  Barbecue in the garden after Mass – please bring a small thing for the grill. After barbecue: Football – we go to a place close by to play.
Tuesday 31st, June 7th and 21st  at 7.30 pm Taizé prayer and gathering.  May 31st: after a shorter prayer we´ll have picnic, bring beer or something and we´ll sit and talk.

Wednesday June 1st  at 12.10 pm: Mass followed by lunch. OBS – this is the last Student Mass before summer.


We had a talk the other week: Did faith in Christ  concretely change something in our daily life, our views, our (pre-)occupations?
It´s a very central suject to examine, perhabs not easy to penetrate, because our own life in so many aspects are hidden to our eyes, more than the lives of the others… To see yourself, your intentions , is an difficult thing. A practice of sincerity!
A great particulatity of Christianity is the importance of the PERSON. God himself are three persons relating to each other in giving out themselves in love,  in eternity. And God became a human person to make set free all human persons.
If the person is central – you are central. How you live your life, alone and together with others. F Paul-Do who preached in our Mass last week  took the example of the serpent tempting Eva in the Paradise – the serpent is polite and gentle and kind. – So if evil presents itself like that, then following Christ must be something else than just kindness, mustn´t it?

A transformation! or rather the uncovering of that image of Christ that we are. It is Radical Freedom. Then to relate our daily actions and our choices to our faith in God  must be a priority. With prayers and with understanding what we are really doing, privately, professionally, together, alone… By questions and listening. And perhabs it lead us to reajust our views and habits and choices. We could remember all the Christians who, by closing their eyes, could participate in killings and massacres in the wars of our time, also in Europe in our time. Business should not always go on as usual!

Now at the very end of semester, just sit still for a moment and look at this past winter and spring. Look at the different events, the people you met with. Look at what affected you most, look at where you stand emotionally today and how it was in January – and what you learnt, important experiences. And put all this in front of the Lord, make it a prayer. Thank him, ask for improvement, ask him to let you understand more, ask him to make you free.

Some of us are now leaving Lund, and perhabs for good: Aude, who were with us for two years, Milan (well perhabs you will be back?), Klemens, Ben, Greg, Sévrine, Ptr,  Charmaine and perhabs some more. Thanks a lot to you for this time spent together and good luck – and thanks to everyone else for your presence here this past year.

                                                                                                                                             yours br Björn