NEWSLETTER After the Summer break..

Yes, it´s a long time until summer is over.  We´ll regather again last week of August with Taizé prayer the 23th and first Wednesday Mass the 24th.

There will I hope be some renewal this Autumn. Not only that we welcome new students, but also new ways of meeting with each others and explore life and faith.

Our Monday gatherings will change, since we finished with reading the Gospel of Luke (- it took us more than a year). We talked about a Imagination and Memory Workshop, concrete exercices to enter in parts of ourselves we perhabs not always use- to broathen our interior life.  And also a Preacher Workshop, well, like:  How to speak about faith to others. And then some readings from a good book. On different occasions, of course.

We´ll also have a serie of gatherings together with the Students of the Church of Sweden and the Kriss association, a group of Christian students in Lund. To meet with each others and share around our life.At those occations we´ll talk Swedish.
Perhabs we can also gather for a Retreat at the Monastery of the Dominican Sisters in Rögle a weekend of November.

On Tuesdays there will perabs be some slight changes for our gatherings, you´ll see…

a nice summer to everyone, yours br Björn


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