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Next weekend there is the retreat in Rögle on the theme To become saint. There are still some places left, if you got the possibility – go there and get nourished with good food in all ways. Talk to me or Taras the coming days.

There is also a Student Sunday Mass at Sandgatan as usually at 4.30. Since Ben and Aude left to go back home in June our singing has sometimes been a bit weak. If  you do sing and/or play an instrument, do share these gifts with the others. I mean, it´s fun to sing, if you didn´t before, start. We will meet at 3.45 this Sunday and practice some songs-come, and please come in time. We hope for new energy in our liturgie, to praise the Lord. We´re not dead yet!

There is now some of us implied more intensively with our film evenings. These are execellent occations also bringing friends non-catholics to look at and share around good films. Such cultural gatherings are very important also from the view of faith – God became man not for a few to isolate in sacred surroundings, but to impregnate the whole world with his Spirit, to bring it back home. What could be called secular culture is indeed already, when made with good intentions, on the path to God. That´s what incarnation is about – the transformation is already there on it´s way. Next film will be The Return, a Russian film made only a few years ago.

Do you know that there are quite a lot refugee and immigrant children and adolescents in Lund that are in need of contact with others? The association TAMAM (=Very Good in >>Arabic and Turkish)organize many different activities, also English spoken. Talk to me, or take contact through
Or if you have other ideas of wanting to do something for others outside Church – talk to each others and to me.

yours br Björn

Program late October – beginning of November

Hi, here´s a program for late October – beginning of November.
SUNDAYS  1st/month,    Nov 6 th at 4.30 pm       – Student Sunday Mass   
-sharing of the Gospel at 3.30 and then Mass followed by a meal.
TUESDAYS 1st and 3 rd /month,   Nov 1 st  at 7.30 pm   :   –Taizé prayer and gathering
WEDNESDAYS:    Mass 12.10 pm followed by lunch
-Rosary Prayer
9 am
THURSDAYS:       -Meditation, silent sitting at 4.30-5 pm. from 4.10 pm short introduction
 and more:
TORSDAG 27 okt och 3 nov kl 17.15-18.30: Ung? Katolik? I Sverige?  T ema: Vi, riterna och mötet med Gud.
FRIDAY Oct 28th at 7pm – FILM: Lost in Translation (USA 2003, 135 min­­­) by Sofia Coppola
Lost in translation offers an experience in the exercise of empathy. The characters empathize with each other (that’s what it’s about), and we can empathize with them going through that process.”
MÅNDAG 31 okt 18.30:  – Kärleken övergår allt
OBS!  På Liberiet (den medeltida byggnaden snett bakom Domkyrkan)
Vi läser under hösten några stycken ur den latinamerikanske munken Ernesto Cardenals bok Kärleken övergår allt – korta stycken med mycket innehåll. Tillsammans med studenter från andra kristna kyrkor.
FRIDAY-SUNDAY Nov 4th-6th      – Student Retreat: Holyness
At Rögle Kloster, the monastery of the Dominican Sisters outside Lund. Introductions by students and br Yves, prayers, film, talk, silence. Fee: 300 SKr. Register as soon as possible to Taras, tarasbratsyun(at)    –look for more at received special mail or the blog

Memory and Image – Monday Oct 24th, 7.30 pm

Hi, time for the third workshop on this theme, you can join even if you were not there last time, look beneath what´s it about.
First time we made an excercise with a very old way of memorizing words och texts with own images. It also reinforces our capacity of creating own menthal images, as well as remembering things from our own life.
Last time was consecrated on remembering a place linked to a strong memory in our past. We also entered a guided meditation.
Now we will use a story from the Bible and through a special way become a part of that story. Among other things!

The theme of these workshops are Memory and Images. At first it might seen a particular subject – but in fact it´s in the heart of human experience, spiritual life and thus of Christian life.

Imagine that we today in Lund meet with more people in a week than countryside people did in a lifetime only some time ago. Life goes fast and  there are all the time lots of new impressions –new people and situations, the net, films, music. There is a row of events that through their rapid succession never really affects us. The events become exterior to us .

Exterior! And at the same time it´s so  that to live more fully the Christian faith postulates a strong interiorness. For us as Christians there seem to be a contradiction there.

If we stay for a while with what is happening around us, and with what we are doing, this contributes to create a space within us. Doing it a bit conciously means that there can be more images and memories created and preserved – and they can help us to see hidden things and meanings in our daily life.

Reading the Bible spiritually is about this. I can read it as an outer story, a serie of statements, explanations, events and actions. Then it will not reveal so much to me of its inner meanings, and reading will perhabs with time become less frequent and then we stop to read – “it´s boring”.

Developing  my inner senses – memory, images of my own life-  this can permit to enter with this life of mine  t ex into the passages of the Bible or in other stories we meet.

We´ll spend some evenings around these things. There will be some simple exercises and talk together – exercises that encourage to enter and develop my inner space. I assure you that this is quite exciting and interesting – and often fun,

see you , yours br Björn