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Program Start of Spring

Hi, back from holidays we start again at Domino as follows. All new and old friends welcome to join. I hope we will continue to share and look for life in a good ambiance also this year. People comfortable with Church, and those standing at the door – all welcome!
Titta – vi har också varannan torsdag när vi talar svenska.
Look for Young Adults ca 28+ in a separate post!
SUNDAYS  1st/month,
OBS No Student Mass in January          
TUESDAYS 1st and 3rd /month, 7.30 pm, start Jan 17th:
Taizé prayer and gathering
Mass 12.10 pm followed by lunch  –
start Jan 11th
-Rosary Prayer 9 am 
-start Jan 19th
-Meditation, silent sitting at
4.30-5 pm from 4 pm  introduction – start Jan 19th
TORSDAGAR ojämna veckor, kl 17.15, start 19 jan:
Tema och fika  – det här blir vad vi gör det till: ta upp ett tema, utbyte, workshops…vi bestämmer första gången + med att kanske något intressant börjar..
and more:
WEDNESDAY Jan 11th  – General Market Meeting for Exchange Students  at LTH Kårhus, 2nd floor (the restaurant).
We could have presence here to meet and welcome new students. Look if you can one of those hours:
Please tell me with a mail,,  if you can join!
THURSDAY  Jan 19th at 7pm – FILM and discussion: Permanent Vacation (USA 1980, 71 min­­­) by Jim Jarmusch
We start with a serie of films by Jim Jarmusch – the first being his first film, before his great success Stranger than Paradise, that will come later.

“Permanent Vacation is a narrative, which follows two and a half days in the life of Aloysious Parker, a your wanderer with no home, no school, and no job. He has lived i all kinds of situations and with many different people – almost all of them exiles from the daily, working world. Now, at the age of sixteen, Allie drifts into and out of strange encounters with other misfits; always moving, always keeping just ahead of whatever it is that seem chasing him. ”

look, we had a walk to Rögle in October…

Newsletter – Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012

hello everyone,

Thanks everyone who has contributed to our student community the last year. Thanks for all sharing and good things that has been given among us. Thanks to those who are now leaving us to return back to their countries, Aurélie, Veronika and others. Thanks for all new perspectives that are given, for all opening, listening, for all compassion, for all initiative and presence.
– And welcome back from the 9th of January. This week it´s the last Taizé prayer and last Wednesday Mass.
For next year there will be some slight changes. We´ll try to form a Young Adult group, ca+28 beside  the Domino.  We think of to reserve the 2nd and 4th Monday/month for these occasions. Br Yves will guide this group.
On every second Thursday I hope we can gather a Swedish spoken Domino group late afternoon 17.15-18.45, to invite all students to Tema och fika.
And certainly there will be many things happening. February 9th to 11th we continue our Film Days with films by Robert Bresson and Andrei Tarkovsky – the professor of Cinema Studies in Stockholm, Astrid Söderbergh-Widding, will join us for a conference – Necessity and Grace, Robert Bresson as cinematograph – and friendly discussions.
Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012! Let us rejoice together that God is born as a human being as us, to let us  become like him-all love and peace, yours br Björn