Newsletter January – A New Start

Hello, and welcome back to “normal” life! Especially welcome to newcomers in Lund and to DOMINO.
We are place where to rejoice in life, share good and difficult things – a place for seriousness and listening to each others. Listening to each others is to listen to God, God hidden in the heart of everyone of us.
God is essentially not a god of condamnation or good moral conduct, but the One inviting us to his loving kindness – a love that makes our hearts light and willing to love.
Christians are baptized and most of us received this sign on us as little babies -already there something happened to us, a meeting with God that made our hearts disposed to continue the relationship with him. IT was a start that we ourselves can answer on, always and again during our life.
There is always a new start with God. That means: we are not condemned to the dark forces wihtin us or in the world. In faith the power of such powers already broke down. It is possible with the force of God – yes it is – to live in love and doing good things.
Next Tuesday we start our Taizé prayers at 7.30. It´s a good occasion to be together and to express ourselves freely. It´s an occasion, I think, to grow in trust, to grow as a human person.

Vi börjar torsdagen den 19 kl 17.15 med TEMA – där vi, hoppas jag kan vara tillsammans på ett enkelt sätt och ställa frågor kring allt möjligt, oss själva, världen, Gud, kyrkan – och vad tro egentligen är och innebär.

Then there will be lots of other things – films, litterature reading, Mass, meditation…look in the program beneath and the one coming in a few days!, yours br Björn


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