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This is the site for Retreat- in-the-City  organized by the Dominicans in France. So..mostly for French speaking, but take a look, yours br Björn

FILM and Discussion: The Seventh Continent by Haneke

This Thursday March 29th at 19.15 we´ll show the Seventh Continent by Michael Haneke, his first film from 1989, 104 minutes long.
We had a lot of discussion after the last film we saw by Haneke, that you can follow on in this blog:
–  it´s about the brutality of that film, the White Ribbon, that made me react.  We can look at this film as a part of that discussion, and also in other ways of course.
Look also at documentary on this film /german-swedish/ at

yours br Björn
“Michael Haneke’s first feature film made in Austria and released theatrically in 1989 is a fully accomplished work, that already displays many of the themes, techniques and shock values that would become very familiar in the director’s subsequent works. The target for Haneke’s brutal examination in The Seventh Continent is the bourgeois family unit…
…Already showing the techniques that continue to shock audiences, Haneke’s first feature film is as disturbing as many of the films that would follow, not so much for any on-screen violence as for the cold, matter of fact manner in which it is depicted….
…The first two years of the Schober family are shown trying to keep up with the pace of the modern society, striving to conform to expectations of employment, school and consumerism. This is depicted by Haneke as a series of mechanical routine processes, from the alarm clicking on at 6:00 every morning, through the carwash, the process of data input at a supermarket checkout to the anonymous lists of data output being examined in Georg’s office. ” DVD Video Review

lecture on Byzantine liturgy, church and Byzantium this Tuesday March 27th at 7.30pm.

The lecture with Thomas Arentzen on Byzantine liturgy, church and Byzantium will be this Tuesday March 27th at 7.30pm.
It can seem to be an odd subject, but it´s in the frame of the preparatoin for the group going to Istanbul in June. Byzanzium that later became Constantinople was one of the places where the Church took shape. The influence iof what happened there to what we are living now, and how we look at Church can not be underesteemated. So come and listen and learn and get a new perpective, yours br Björn