Hi,  Lent has started, this Christian time of fasting. Lent that is so much less visible than the Moslem Ramadan, although it effects the life hundreds of millions of people in many concrete ways. Much of it happens in secrete – a point in itself with Lent.  Fasting is about the renewal of the heart, and things in this realm should not always be transparent to the public.
The heart – the center of the human person. Not the biological heart, but what makes me into Someone and not just Anybody. The heart – where God resides in us, and and where we can understand ourselves as beloved children at his knee.
Let´s start there this Lent. Not only, or even primarily, with questions about what sacrifice I should make or what I could eat or not during this time. Let´s start with the questions:  Do I perceive myself as a beautiful person, filled with God´s love? What does prevent me from having  this insight? What could I do to make God´s love more present in my life?
So let´s for a while put away the questions about eating and drinking and go to essentials.
Essentials – isn´t that just boring or heavy? I don´t think so. Instead of looking of what I should do (I,I,I,I!), look at what he is doing for you. Look at life itself, your family, friends, your culture and opportunities in life, look at the joyful moments and good experiences, look at the trees, and the birds, and the sky. Is there nothing to give thanks for? Oh yes, there is, in  the life of everyone of us.
Look at all that mercy. And look at what could be your response.  How could we better spend our time? If I stopped to do this or that pleasure-thing for myself, or that self-accusation, or whatever, certainly there will be amounts of time to spend on real good things. What prevents me?
Love is the good thing! To listen to a friend or start doing your work with more care and calm.  Or just being with, in prayer of various kinds. Together with others or alone in your room!  Decide yourself now, and make this time of Lent to a happy occasion,

see you, yours br Björn


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