End of March – Taizé, Walking, Palm Sunday etc

hi, here´s a program for second part of March with things added, yours br Björn

PALM SUNDAY: No Sunday Mass at the Dominicans, but….
Mass in Rögle Monastery, with walking from Lund, Linero to Rögle

On Sunday the 1st of April we will attend the Palm Sunday mass at the Dominican sisters´ convent in Rögle. The walk to get there (about 1h) is very nice, especially in spring!
 We will gather outside Lund Station (läge K, ie the bus stop which is on the side of Clemenstorget that faces the station) at 9:25 to take the bus 6 to Linero, from where we will start the walk to Rögle (5km).
Those who live close to Linero can wait for us at the bus stop Kämpagränden around 9:47.
The Mass is at 11:30, then we will eat together. Take a picnic, outdoor clothes and good shoes!
Please let me know before Saturday 31st noon if you intend to come!
Nolwenn,  nperron_2000(at)yahoo.fr – 0736648938

TUESDAYS 1st and 3 rd /month, March 20th, 7.30 pm:  
-Taizé prayer and gathering afterwards.
Look at taize.fr about Taizé and their prayers.

 -Mass 12.10 pm followed by lunch   – sign in for preparing on the list attached on the fridge at Sandgatan.

-Meditation, silent sitting at
4.30-5 pm – from 4 pm short introduction.  

TORSDAGAR ojämna veckor, kl 17.15,  29 mars
-Tema och fika – Vi fortsätter kring temat om att vara kristen- .Om förlåtelsen, den Helige Ande, initiation, nedsänkning, dop…

SATURDAYS 4.30 pm – Rosary Prayer  

And also:
TORSDAG 22 MARS, kl 17.15- 18.30
Läsning av Mäster Eckhart. Vi fortsätter med Undervisande tal, skrivna i slutet av 1200-talet av denne omdiskuterade dominikan.THURSDAY March 22nd, 7.30 pm
– Byzans and Byzantine liturgy, conférence by PhD student Thomas Arentzen, one of our Istanbul-friends.

SATURDAY  March 24th
– Walking excursion
We´ll meet at 9:50 in front of the station to take the train to Höör (63kr). Bring a picnic, outdoor clothes and good shoes!   We should be back to Lund around 17:00.
Please let me know before Friday 23rd 20:00 if you intend to come!
Nolwenn, nperron_2000(at)yahoo.fr – 0736648938

Student Morning Prayer, followed by breakfast


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