Church coffee 22nd of April

Hi everybody!

I think it is time for our group to contribute a bit to our parish St. Thomas. Every Sunday, after the 10.00 mass (in Swedish), we have a wonderful tradition of church coffee. This is an opportunity to meet and talk with people in the parish. To be able to have this, the parish needs people to prepare the church coffee every Sunday.

On Sunday the 22nd of April, our group will prepare church coffee!

This means that we need to:

  • Bake some cakes (for about 80 people)
  • Prepare coffee and tea water before mass (be there at 9.00 am)
  • Put the cakes on plates, cut them
  • Serve everything
  • Clean the tables, wash the dishes (Finnish about 1.00 p.m.)

The money goes to the parish, but you can take the money you spent on baking.

If we are many, we can split the tasks. I propose we can split into following:

– baking

– preparing (9.00 a.m. – 10 a.m.)

– serving (11 – 11.30)

– cleaning (11.30 a.m. – about 1 p.m.)

I will make a list and put it at the convent (where we gather). Please put your name by the task that you want to take. You are welcome to take several tasks.

If you have questions, contact me: butterfly_1013  at



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