We´ve got COMPANIONs!

I got this letter from David who joined us for a short time like two years ago, br Björn
My name is David and I lived for more than 4 years (between 2007 and 2011) in Copenhagen, Denmark. I was participating in some church activities in Copenhagen, but there was no such thing as an active community/chaplaincy of catholic students. Echoes had arrived that there was Domino Lund across the bridge, in Lund, as some friends were joining for some of  their activities.
I had the opportunity of joining Domino a few times when I was doing a project at Lund University in September 2010. I felt very welcome and enjoyed very much the times for prayer and the connection between people even though we had just arrived. I am sure that my experience is not unique. Inspired by this, I thought that it would be good to bring the idea to Copenhagen, and start a group where students could develop friendship through prayer, meals and different activities.
Only a few weeks after, together with other young people, COMPANIONS started, with meetings on a regular basis in the church of Skt. Knud Lavard in Lyngby (city 10km north of Copenhagen). COMPANIONS stands for Catholic Organizational Movement Participating in church Activities; it’s a Non-profit and Independent Organization towards Noble Service [for God]. We integrated in our program prayers in the spirit of Taizé, movie evenings, Gospel sharing, discussions, dinner…
Many people joined since it started. Many also left, because international students come and leave, but in all cases people enjoyed and felt like home. I left last year and it still is going on, growing week after week.
I am happy of having experienced that, because joining Domino or Companions is knowing that we are joining people in communion and prayer, sharing good values and willing to get closer to God and share His love with others.
I wish that your time in Lund will be very fruitful and when you’ll give the next step in life, light will shine around you.

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