-Mass 12.10 pm followed by lunch   – sign in for preparing on the list attached to the fridge at Sandgatan
-Meditation, silent sitting at
4.30-5 pm – from 4 pm short introduction. OBS No introduction Thursday April 26th  
TUESDAY  April 17th, 7.30 pm:
-Taizé prayer and gathering afterwards:   Look at about Taizé and their prayers.
TORSDAG 19 april, kl 17.15- 18.30
Läsning av Mäster Eckhart. Vi fortsätter med Undervisande tal, skrivna i slutet av 1200-talet av denne omdiskuterade dominikan.
THURSDAY April 19th, 7.30 pm
– THEME ISTANBUL: Alevis, a religious minority in Turkey , conference by PhD student Heige Markusson.
SUNDAY April 22nd
-Domino prepares church coffe at St Thomas Church for 10 am Mass. Do this together, bake, sell, take care of the place. More people involved=more fun. Contact Evelina,  butterfly_1013(at) 
SUNDAY April 22nd, 7.15 pm
-Film and Discussion: A Serious Man by the Coen brothers. USA 2009. 106 min.
“A Serious Man is a wonderfully odd, bleakly comic and thoroughly engrossing film. Underlying the grim humor are serious questions about faith, family, mortality and misfortune.”

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