DOMINO THIS WEEK Apr 22nd-28th

hi, it´s always like that – now when end of Spring approaches people are getting to know each others a bit better. And then only a month or two is left for many to be in Lund. We have to deal today with all those departures and comings, the rapid changes of a fluid reality.
Even more important then to be present at the place where  weare, standing steadily on our feet and then walk again – also steadily. To be present: I mean to be interested in what is happening in this particular place, get into relations, understand and – love all those differencies.  We see in the Gospel how Jesus is coming and going – like us – but also how every new situation is of interest for him- he engages with people wherever he meets with them, if they want to.
This demands something from us, this taking interest in new situations and people. We get easily hurt and soon we will leave each others. But there is also so much to win, love and understanding: Who is my neighbour? – Then one that happens sit next to me.
yours br Björn
SUNDAY April 22nd
-Domino prepares church coffee at St Thomas Church for 10 am Mass. Do this together, bake, sell, take care of the place. More people involved=more fun. Come and participate. Evelina,  butterfly_1013(at)
SUNDAY April 22nd, 7.15 pm
-Film and Discussion: A Serious Man by the Coen brothers. USA 2009. 106 min.
“A Serious Man is a wonderfully odd, bleakly comic and thoroughly engrossing film. Underlying the grim humor are serious questions about faith, family, mortality and misfortune.”
MONDAY April 23rd, 7.30 pm
Young Adults +28 meet and share: Talk about faith in a secular world
WEDNESDAY April 25th
-Mass 12.10 pm followed by lunch   – sign in for preparing on the list attached to the fridge at Sandgatan
ONSDAG 25 april 19.15
-Torsdagstema flyttat  till den här tiden den här veckan. Vi pratar kring tro – alla frågor välkomna.
THURSDAY April 26th
-Meditation, silent sitting at
4.30-5 pm – from 4 pm short introduction. OBS No introduction Thursday April 26th.

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