TISDAG 29 maj kl 17.15
-Torsdagstema idag på tisdag! Om det är fint väder kan vi vara i vår trädgård – ta med något litet att äta och dela med de andra, salt eller sött.  Tema: om Dominikus, missionen och barmhärtigheten.. och kanske något kul dessutom.

-Mass 12.10 pm followed by lunch
-Film and Discussion: The Devil, Probably. Robert Bresson, France 1979,
look beneeth about the film
-Meditation, silent sitting at 4.30-5 pm – from 4 pm short introduction.
SUNDAY June 3rd, 4.30 pm
Student Sunday Mass:  Song exercise  at 3.30.
– After Mass:  Barbecue in the garden, bring things for the grill, things to drink, coke, beer, wine. Let´s make this a good end of the semester.
The Devil, Probably
This is one of the last Bresson films, where his film making, as we saw it in A Man Escaped during our Film Days in February, has found its completion. Here Bresson pictures a dark world…but is it really som dark.  Some young people in Paris, engagement, dispair and..perhaps more.
“Even by Robert Bresson’s own unique standards, The Devil, Probably, coming late in the director’s career, is his most Bressonian. Probably. In his use of non-professional actors as models, blankly reciting the text with minimal acting; in his stripping away of narrative drive and reducing the purpose of the film down to the most essential and unadorned form of expression…”

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