Info Autumn

Here´s about starting dates for some gatherings this Autumn. yours br Björn

Wednesday Mass starts again Aug 22nd, 12pm + lunch afterwards
First Sunday Student Mass: Sep 2nd, 4.30 pm
Prayer in the Spirit of Taizé, now every even week, start Tuesday Aug 21st, 7.30 pm
Young Adults 28+ now every uneven week, start Monday Aug 27th, 7.30 pm
Tema, Swedish speaken, ojmna veckor torsdager, start 30 aug kl 17.15
I hope will already in the beginning of the Autumn will settle a program for our Film Evenings. Those who are particulary interested in film, tell me and we´ll take an evening to make the program.
During this year we´ll have one ecumenical Taizé Day Saturday Nov 17th with prayers in St Thomas church and sharing and discussions – and one day in Spring time. We also intend to invite br Claudio Monge, Dominican living in Istanbul during the winter. And of course – Film Days later this year,
I will be away from mail until beginning of August.  See you! yours br Björn


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