DOMINO Program September

Hello, here´s a DOMINO program for September – Is suppose also other things will take place…what do you say? yours br Björn
SUNDAY Sep 2nd                      -Coming Masses: Oct 14th, Nov 4th, Dec 9th
Student Sunday Mas
4.30 pm
Join for Song exercise  at 3.30.
Mass is followed by a meal. Bring things we share together
After the meal, at 7.15:
FILM and Discussion at 7.15, Ghost Dog by Jim Jarmusch, USA 1999
Jim Jarmusch has come up with something strange and amazing in “Ghost Dog”– an existential fable. Original indie-hipster Jim Jarmusch (“Strasnger than Paradise,”Down By Law”) seems to be well outside his usual territory here, yet “Ghost Dog” not only hangs together, it’s original, sharply funny, and rather moving. An ancient samurai code, embodied by Forest Whitaker as a lone hitman, runs smack into mob family values in this modern urban battleground.
TUESDAY even weeks (34,36…) -Sep 4th, 18th
Prayer in the spirit of Taizé

7.30 pm
Gathering with program afterwards.
Look at about Taizé and their prayers.
Mass followed by lunch
12.10 pm
Sign in for preparing on the list attached on the fridge at Sandgatan.

TORSDAGAR ojämna veckor  -start 30 aug, 13 sep, 27 sep
kl 17.15
Tema och fika
Lära känna katolsk tro – nu några gånger om bönen, vad det innebär, och olika böneformer.

FRIDAY Sep 21st
– two films and dinner between.
4 pm –          The Passion of Anna, Ingemar Bergman, Sweden 1969 96 min
A less-known Bergman movie, yet among his most alluring. Andreas Winkelman (played by Bergman favourite Max von Sydow) moves to a barren island, in grief of his recently deceased wife. He befriends his neighbours, the widow Anna (Liv Ullman) and a married couple (Bibi Andersson and Erland Josephson). The island, as well as its inhabitants, keeps many threatening secrets.
                            Mealbring things for the table!
7.30 pm   –   My Night at Maud´s, Eric Rohmer, France 1969, 110 min
…where the Catholic Jean-Louis (played by New Wave favourite Jean-Louis Trintignant) spends a night talking with the Marxist Vidal (Antoine Vitez) and the libertine divorcee Maud (Françoise Fabian) on topics on morality, religion, philosophy, mathematics. Jean-Louis and Maud are finally left on their own…                             Discussion afterwardsAbout Ingemar Bergman and Eric Rohmer on:
Walking excursion
Some hours together walking in nature, taking bus there, bringing picnic.
-info will follow.

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