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Newsletter October

hello, the Film Day turned out very well. A great variety of people turned up, Swedes and exchange students, Christians and non-Christians, and there was a really friendly and warm ambiance. The films and discussions were very interesting, both films dealing with the strong force of human passion.

In the Rohmer film, My night with Maud, there is the main character who is filled with good intentions, but also with great passions under the organized surface. At a decisive moment he tells a lie to the girl he´s in love with. She has just, very embarrassed and shameful, told him about her just finshed love affair with another man. Then his tells his lie: that he when meeting with her the same morning just came from having slept with another woman. The spectator knows this is not true. This lie puts him at the same level as the girl – yes, you could say that he takes over her position as the most guilty one. The effect is that their relation is restored and that they can find a way together in life.
A lie that opens the way like that? – Rohmer is playing with our convictions. He also plays with the fact that sometimes it is not so easy to say what is a lie and what is truth. We don´t know ourselves so well. True is that this man did come directly from Maud´s bed that morning, though he had refused to have sex with her. But certainly he felt the great temptation. In fact the temptator, Maud, through her invitation and ways, perhaps made him understand important things about himself, his complex character, wanting and not wanting, going into fantasies, giving after, resisting. So after all, the lie was perhaps not a lie: he had entered a deep intimacy with Maud, now feeling the shame in front of the beloved girl – though this intimacy had restored him…
…well, what a film! giving us to reflect on the complexity of life, and the wonders that is given to us. Next film by Rohmer is Sunday October 14th: Love in the Afternoon – it promises to be an interesting continuation an the same theme.

And today we´ve had a biking tour to Rögle monastery – you can see some pictures here beside. Many couldn´t participate due to illness or other occupations, but stil we were like ten-twelve people biking in this beautiful autumn weather. Why not doing this more often, walking or biking there? Rögle is a lovely place, you could also go there on your own or two-three people, sitting studying and perhaps stay for a night. This time we met with sister Therese, and it was obvious as she talked with us that this a a really contemplative and spiritual place resourcing a lot of people. Like a focal point of prayer and goodness from where good energy is spreading out to all of Skåne.

Don´t forget our Taizé Day Saturday November 10th – all afternoon and evening, with prayer, workshops, meal. And what about a travel to Taizé at Easter? Some people has already said they´re interested – and you?

concerning meditation Nov 29th

hello, this coming Thursday there will be no introducion time for meditation , at 4, come an meditate though at 4.30, yours fr Björn

Biking to Rögle monastery and Mass, Sunday Sep 30th

hello, join for a biking tour to Rögle monastery, the place of the Dominican sisters 10 km outside Lund next Sunday Sep 30th.

Gathering at Sandgatan, gardenside, at 9.50 am.
Mass at 11.30 am followed by lunch and a gathering with one of the sisters.
Back in Lund ca 2.30pm.

Bring things to share for lunch.
Tell me before Friday noon if you intend to come, on

Rögle is a beautiful place with a little chapel and the sisters have a beautiful liturgy. It´s a place for resourcing for many people coming there to pray and take part of the joy of this place. So it´s really worth visiting. Also a possibility to make a nice gathering together of course!