Program October-November

SATURDAY Oct 27th 
Walking Excursion in the deep Skåne forests
At 9.50 pm gathering at Lunds Station, busstop H to take bus nr 6 towards Ystad.
Bus to Knivsåsen, 30 min. Back in Lund before 4pm. 45 Skr.
Bring picnic to share, take good cloathes and shoes.
Join for a nice time together breathing fresh air, moving, and also reading and talking about this Sunday´s gospel.
Tell Nolwenn before Fri 26th at noon if you intend to come,  nperron_2000(at)
SUNDAY Nov 4th                      -Coming Masses: Dec 9th
Student Sunday Mas
4.30 pm
Join for Song exercise  at 3.30.
Mass is followed by a meal.
Bring things for the table that we share together.
After the meal, at 7.15:
FILM and Discussion at 7.15, The Virgin Spring (Jungfrukällan) by Ingemar Bergman, Sweden 1960,
Jungfrukällan is a powerful yet chilling film from Ingmar Bergman. Featuring a superb cast led by Max von Sydow, it’s a film that is very provocative for discussing themes of spirituality and such in the sinful acts committed as well as challenge the way people play their roles in front of God. It’s not an easy film to watch but still a rewarding one as Jungfrukällan is an extraordinary film from Ingmar Bergman.
SATURDAY Nov 10th                      Student Sunday Mass
Taizé Day in St Thomas Kyrka, Stora Tomegatan i Lund 
Toward a New Solidarity
3pm -10pm
3 What are they doing in Taizé in France?
3.30 Prayer
followed by introductions, discussions and talk, meal: bring picnic

7.30 Prayer of the Resurrection, remain, pray until late
 – Look for special info.

even weeks (34,36…) -Oct 30th, Nov 13th and 27th
Prayer in the spirit of Taizé
7.30 pm
Gathering with program afterwards, sharing the 13th and discussion on a specific topic the other times.
Look at about Taizé and their prayers.
Mass followed by lunch
12.10 pm
Sign in for preparing on the list attached on the fridge at Sandgatan.
TORSDAGAR ojämna veckor  25 okt, 8 och 22 nov
kl 17.15
Tema och fika
Lära känna katolsk tro – nu några gånger om bönen, vad det innebär, hur man kan be och vad det kan betyda att be.

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