News October-November

Dear friends,

It´s easy to be friendly with people we like, istn´t it? It´s equally easy not showing interest to people I don´t feel for.
How do you feel when you sit with someone who is completely different from you and you find no interest? Is there a way to give him a chance?
The most easy thing in the world is to say: ” I want…”, “I think…” Jesus in his accomplished humanity takes another path: completely giving out himself, even until the death, the destruction of “I”. “I”, so comforting for us, shows to be the main obstacle to humanity and to life.
But where could we start? We want to live, don´t we? And we have our small wishes and “I” that seems so important to us. Sometimes just to make open questions to the one sitting beside:
“What do you say? What do you find important?”  – and the let the other one have his time to pronounce himself.
These are urgent matters. In the gatherings after the Taizé prayers we try to get more concious of this, by simple sharings. But  also during lunches on Wednesdays and other occations this is urgent.  Not being another chatting space like all others around!  No, a place for more real friendship!

Last Springtime and other years the library at Sandgatan was much used by students for studying. Well, this space remains, so why not make use of it? If you like we organise something around this – a common coffee-break or something one day a week.

November 10th, Saturday, we have the Taizé Day in St Thomas Church. Invite friends to come, also those not particulary Christian. Program starts at 3pm, but come an hour before and help with practical things. And first of all: this is not an exterior event, but a day for friendship and prayer af the heart. Come with all your problems and joys and put them in front of the Lord.

For Easter I hope we can make a travel to Taizé at Easter – from the day before Palm Sunday to Easter Monday, by bus from here to Taizé. The cost is about 2300 Skr for the travel (cheaper if we are a group of 15 persons or more) and the stay in Taizé, all included, about 50€. Altogether that make about 2750 Skr. We could perhaps also get some support from outside.

yours fr Björn



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