Coming Sunday: Film and Discussion, Dead Man by Jim Jarmusch

hello, last film before Christmas. Remember also our
Film Days January 17th to 19th:
Immanence and Transcendance
Stalker by Tarkovsky
Two films on Joan D´Arc, by Carl Dreyer and Robert Bresson
My Friend Balthazar by Robert Bresson
Astrid Söderbergh-Widding, Prof of Cinema Studies in Stockholm and lay dominican, participates.
SUNDAY Dec 16th
Film and Discussion
7.15 pm
Dead Man, Jim Jarmusch, USA 1995
Mixing poetic mysticism, violence and droll comedy, “Dead Man” stars Johnny Depp as Willim Blake, a meek, naive accountant who travels from Cleveland to the godforsaken town of Machine, there to assume a position with the Dickinson Metal Works. That metaphysical context benefits enormously from the haunting musical themes that Neil Young wrote, underlining the film’s psychedelic/apocalyptic edge, and from the stunning black-and-white camera work.

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