End of Advent -Newsletter

After a rich and good Automn at Domino people start to be finished with their studies and leave Lund. Karen, who was among us for years leaves for Bolivia, Tomás returns to Portugal, among others. It´s always sad all those goodbye.  And in all this we are in the end of Advent, which should be a time of  preparation and silence. To see that all our expectations on life have their focal point in Jesus Christ.
Fr Paul-Do said in a Mass this Advent:  We are adults, we know it´s not only this story about a child being born 2000 years ago that is important with Advent – because we know that God already has come, already has taken care of this world…

So then, what about God becoming man? I would like to say: because that changed human nature, in a decisive way. Then the word “nature” has a special significance.  It´s not about me or the nature of my feelings.  It´s about that mankind share in the same nature.  We are united in one nature, share in a “sameness” beyond persons or personalities.
Think of the soil of a garden. It consists of soil composed of many small diverse things. All together they make up “sameness”: the earth of the garden.  The gardener plants a seed. And everything is changed.  New life is transforming the dark soil to a plant, a plant that grows and becomes a flourishing tree.
That’s God becoming man: through becoming one with the human soil he transforms it into the Tree of Life. Human nature becomes like God himself. He starts to work it from inside instead of  from outside. Let´s have faith in that He transforms us beyond our expectations or menthal capacities. And that we through love we can participate in this work. Love – wanting the other to find his way, to be fulfilled.

yours fr Björn


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