Monthly Archives: January 2013

Torsdag 31 jan börjar vi Tema om katolsk tro

Vi börjar kl 17.15-18.45 – det handlar om bön med kropp och själ, hela människan. Gamla och nya välkomna, hälsningar fr Björn

Young Adults special program Monday Jan 28th – meet earlier than usually

Hi All,

since this coming Monday there is an interesting conference at Laurentiistiftelsen we will attend it instead of our usual YA meeting.
On January 28 at 18:00 Orthodox Vespers led by F Tikhon,  at Laurentiistiftelsen, then lecture by the internationally known professor and Metropolitan Kallistos Timothy Ware.
We meet in front of Sandgatan 8, just outside the Priory, at 17.45 and we go there by bike together, or walk those who don´t have a bike.
br Björn will leave Sandgatan at 18.30 for those who are late.
See U,

Meditation every Thursday – nu på torsdag längre introduktion

Hi welcome start to practice silent sitting meditation inspired by the zen tradition. Every Thursday at 16.00 personal instruction followed  at 16.30 by 30 min meditation. Sitting in silence is a basic human spiritual exercice. It is very helpful to reconciliate with life, and with a Christian view to open to God´s reality.

Torsdagen den 24 jan kl 17.15- 18.30: Introduktion till meditation på temat Att sitta, stå och gå.
Varför sitta still i tystnad? Hur sitter man? Hur kan man öva andligt i det vardagliga livet?