välkomna till DOMINO /welcome

All old a new DOMINOS welcome for a new time together. We do speak English, MEN VI PRATAR OCKSÅ SVENSKA. Look at the program beneath. We are a catholic student group, but all young people, christians or not, are very welcome to share our place. Especially it´s a place that should make a difference: a place where we are taken seriously, where it´s possible to share in life.

The Gospel, is it only tales or words from far away in history? In faith we believe it´s not so. It happened along ago for sure. The amazing thing is that it also happens today. That´s the thing with the Gospel. When Jesus conquered death on the cross, he mad himself a bridge to all ages. His life, which is love and nothing else, is now to be realized in our lives, not by our own force, but with his. To read the Gospel is thus essential, there we find who we  our direction and stability, it´s the living word which can speak to us in all circumstances, same story changing according to our situation. Giving force, love, and challenge.

In this new year for us Christians it´s more than ever important to read the Gospel, not only in church, but at home, alone,  Helwith the family, with the friends of ours. To talk about it, and to learn from it.  A DOMINO can be a place to inspire to to this, but it has to spread out in our everyday life to get meaning.
I hope this year will be a year of reading the Gospel, at DOMINO and elsewhere. Read with intelligence and a open heart.
See you, vi ses. Yours fr Björn


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