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Thanks to everyone who helped with the church coffee! You did a great job!

Young Adults Monday Feb 25th

Young Adults gather this Monday  19.30, to continue exploring the Book of  Genesis, yours fr Björn

Program End of Februray-Beginning of March: Film, Seminary and other things

here´s a program for the coming weeks, to Wednesday March 6th.  After that we´ll have quite a special time in Domino.
We´ll have a visit by fr Claudio, dominican in Istanbul. A very special person that I hope you will come and talk with and listen to. Some of us know him since our visit in Istanbul in June last year.
Seminars on Hospitality. Wednesdays March 6th and March 20th
Connected to fr Claudio´s visit we organize two seminars on the theme of Hospitaliy, Wednesday March 6th as preparation, and then Wednesday March 20th together with fr Claudio.
– Taizé Day Saturday March 16th  in Lund´s Cathedral, 15.30-22.
Big gathering with other Christian Students.  Program will come and people involved in preparations.
As most of you might know I will leave for Helsinki in Finland right after Easter for a period of one year. We´re on our way to organize so that Domino continues in a good way during this time. I will also regularely visit Lund and be present with students during this time.   yours fr Björn
Program coming weeks
Mass followed by lunch
Sign in for preparing on the list attached on the fridge at Sandgatan.
DOMINO Annual Meeting
Matters for the Domino association: board, economy, and a short talk about the future.
Meditation inspired by zen
From 16 possibility to get introduction to sitting in silence.
TORSDAG  ojämna veckor (5,7…) – 28 feb och 14 mars
Tema om katolsk tro
Bönen sker med kroppen inte med huvudet. Vi läser ur en bok av Anselm Grün.
TUESDAY even weeks (4,6…) -March 5. Only prayer, no gathering this time, because of the seminary  OBS! no Taizé prayer March 19th
Prayer in the spirit of Taizé
SUNDAY March 3rd
Film and Discussion:  A Tale of Winter by Eric Rohmer, France 1992, 114 min
Rohmer is at once a realist (his characters behave as people actually do) and a practitioner of subtle magic realism, in the way hidden patterns, coincidences, misunderstandings, happy chances and fateful accidents befall his characters.
Like all of Rohmer’s films, “A Tale of Winter” is a madly romantic comedy about people who think they are most rational but who are often self-deluding. Sometimes they have the mysterious gift of intuition. At least part of the comic appeal of Rohmer’s work is the complete confidence, clarity and decisiveness with which he dramatizes the utter confusion of his emotionally besieged heroines.
Dinner and Seminary on Hospitality

(first dinner: bring things please to put on the table) mostly on biblical background. There will be three small introductions, Benjamin on an article also connected to Levinas, Sebastian on The Wedding in Kana and Hospitality, fr Björn on Jesus as the Stranger. We will also read a few fundamental biblical texts on the theme.