Newsletter 2nd of february

January past – people came back and new friends arrived. Some old friends also left Lund after a long time with us, Karen for Bolivia and David for New York. Benedikt who was not here for long became also very present here. This changes are not all easy, not for those coming and leaving, nor for those staying here in Lund. Readiness to adapt, to receive always new impressions and new people, it demands a lot of us.
After last Sunday Mass, Alexander and Clara introduced a simple game – it made people talk to each other in a good way. We need these kind of things – not staying in the usual: “Where do you come from? What do you study?” But more: “What is important to you? This is important to me.”
Also the Taizé Evenings started very well, with common reading from a  book by fr Roger, founder of Taizé community. Gathered around the text we could get in to a serious and interesting exchange.
And of course our Film Days that turned out well. Our films are an important meeting point between students form Catholic or other Christian environnement and young people from Lund, not aquainted with Christian faith. Serious films and talk gather different people from different backgrounds and beliefs.
Now I said serious twice! Serious does not mean Boring. Seriousity means to put a Curious look an our world, and then life can get really exciting. The easy thrills leads  in the long run to boredom. Who was more curious on life than Jesus?  Who was less interested in easy thrills? Who was most true to himself?
see you, join for Taizé, films and other occations,  yours fr Björn


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