Church coffee on Sunday!

On Sunday the 24th of February we are going to arrange coffee after the 10.00 mass at St. Thomas church. We are going to bake, serve and sell what we have baked together with coffee and tea.

You can contribute by baking, helping to prepare, serve or clean afterwards. At the Dominikans there is a list where you can sign up for the different tasks. If you are not going there this week, you can send me an e-mail to butterfly_1013 at and tell what you want to help with.

Here are the approximate times:

Prepare: come at 9.00 to the church kitchen. We will cut the cakes, put them on plates and make tea and coffee.

Serve: come to the kitchen after communion. This will be 11-12.Clean: 12-13

Hope to see you there!



2 responses to “Church coffee on Sunday!

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