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Happy Easter!


To have faith in God is a great advantage in life. We may be confused sometimes about how reality is constructed (- who is not, is it possible not to be?) but to have faith means to accept life, live life, receive life. Whatever may happen to us, there is a living God holding us in his hands, comforts us, and makes us courageous. I went for a walk early this Easter morning at Rögle in the countryside. The sun entering my body, melting the snow on the ground, I felt happy about that beautiful moment. All moments are not that beautiful, but everyone can find in his life founding moments, to save in his heart, to rembember for difficult times. Founding moments of ressurection – what other description could I as a Christian use for such moments? Let´s be guardians of those sacred moments found in the life of all of us,

Happy Easter!

yours fr Björn

Film and Discussion: A Summer´s Tale by Eric Rohmer

Dear friends, time again for another film in our Rohmer-serie. Did you not yet see one of his films? – I can highly recommend it. First you think it´s all banal, but as end approaches… yours fr Björn
Film and Discussion:  A
Summer´s Tale by Eric Rohmer, France 1997, 113 min
Time and time again in his distinguished career, in such films as Pauline At The Beach, The Green Ray and Claire’s Knee, Rohmer has explored the mysteries of the summer romance. Here his male protagonist is a good-natured if strangely indecisive figure, who proves amusingly unable to commit to any of the women to whom he feels attracted. In many ways the film represents vintage Rohmer. There’s the acute sense of time and place, the leisurely pacing, and the deceptively casual direction, which masks some artful plotting.

Walk to the convent of Rögle – Palm Sunday (24/03)

Let’s walk to the Dominican sisters’ convent in Rögle and celebrate the Palm Sunday mass there! The liturgy in Rögle is very beautiful and inspiring, and the walk there is very nice, too!
We will gather at the bus stop “Lund C, läge C”, (ie the bus stop which is on the left, when you look at the station’s main entrance) at 9:30 to take the bus 3 to Linero. Those who wish can also join at 9:50 in Linero (bus stops Runslingan or Kämpagränden – please let me know in this case). From there, we will start the walk to Rögle (1-hour walk).
The mass at 11:30, then we will eat together. Take a picnic, outdoor clothes and good shoes!
Please let me know before Saturday 23rd noon if you intend to come!
Nolwenn (nperron_2000(at) – 0736648938)