Newsletter: Why Hospitality? A question for Lent.

Why this theme of Hospitality?  My answer could be: A world of hospitality is equal to the kingdom of God. St Paul gives a simple command to his follow Christians: Practice hospitality.
Easier to say than to do though. Questions to each one could be: With whom do I become friend? Am I friendly at any occasion  with anyone? When am I not?
The early church- and also later and today, too – was subversive in breaking up bounderies of gender, social class and race. Antique society was built up on strong divisions between different people. Church challanged this – everone was welcome to the great feast, men should respect their women, slaves could join.
Sometimes today church tend to become a social club among others. A place where people mingle. And most often mingle is something we do with people that we like and that ressembles ourselves.  Jesus has come to break such circles, so that people turn around and willingly joins others, receive them in their homes, fights against divisions and find joy in the difference. Because he was different, one of us, but different. To be human is to practice hospitality, to be a Christian is to practice hospitality.

Join for our seminars on Hospitality Wed 6th (look beneeth) and Wed 20th!

Become also member in DOMINO 2013. Our annual meeting decided a recommended fee of 50SKr for this year. You can register at any of our meeting occasions,
yours fr Björn


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