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Idag är det torsdagsgrupp 17.15!

Football – friday 26/4

Come to play football togheter, this coming friday, 26th of April.

  • 18:30 sharp: meeting in Domino, little run to the field and warm up exercise
  • from 19 to 20: match in two teams
  • afterwards (for those willing to): diner together (to be organized at the moment),  a prayer, tea, and relax.

Light rain is OK and friends are very welcome! Be dressed for outdoor sport, and consider some change of clothes or shoes if you plan to stay longer. …Be there or be square!

( for info: Wilbert – 0039 340 7072345 – email )

Holy week in Taizé: what touched us most…


As you may remember, a small group from DOMINO went to spend the Holy week in Taizé. There is so much to say that it has to be shared, on a saturday evening or a sunday afternoon (the date as not been settle yet).
However, here is a first glimpse of it. In a few sentenses, we tried to tell you about what touched us most during this week.

The trip to Taizé was an outstanding spiritual refreshing that offered me the right balance between time spending in group-sharing activities and time for silence.
The morning Bible introduction, the sharing in group, the afternoon workshops were sources of enrichment from the experiences of others and from the topics they awakened for personal reflection and meditation.
In spite Taizé sometimes reminds me a beehive characterised by a joyfull and lifefull agitation, the place also communicates a deep feeling of peace and appeasement. I especially found peace in places dedicated for silence like the church crypt and the orthodox chaptel. I really enjoyed spending time there for meditation or just for a spiritual rest.
But one of the most intense experience was to feel my whole being – both body and spirit – be embraced by the beautiful meditative songs.

I think the most special moment for me was the Easter mass in the morning on sunday. Very nice atmosphere.

I was very touched that so many people of different nationalities, ages, churches could unite in prayer together with the brothers.
We sang in each other’s languages and during the sharing in groups we could listen to each other’s thoughts.
Our differences were not something separating the meeting, but something enriching it.
Laudate omne gentes, laudate Dominum!

Reflecting on the mystery of resurrection and that love always destroys death. Also, the feeling of communion with everyone who was there.

I had the chance to go to Taizé many time before. However, this time was very different for me. Maybe because it was the first time I went there for the Holy week, but I think mostly because it was the first time I went there with a group. And somehow, during the prayers, I very often felt that I was in union with the members of the group, and the rest of you, “Domino people”. It was like our group were not of five, but of many more. and this gave to Taizé a new dimention that I was not aware of, but very happy to discover. We also had the chance to witness engagement in the community, both for a new brother and a life commitement. I was really touched by the beauty, the simplicity, and somehow, the strengh of those celebrations.

And here is brother Alois prayer for Easter:
Christ Jesus, you are alive; death did not keep you in its power! The announcement of this amazing news overhelm us. You open a way forward where everything seemed closed. By your Spirit, you breathe upon our resingnation and our bitterness. You break down the divisions between human beings. You restore dignity to the poorest. You send us into the world to bring the hope of new life.

Take care!