News Pentacost

In this beautiful springtime we celebrate again Pentacost – the Spirit blowing in to humanity.
We know all too well our shortcomings and difficulties in life. How difficult istn´t it f ex to love those we have close to us. Always there is this resistance to see or acknowledge the world of other people, may it be family, friends or unknown people. We resist because our own views and ways seems natural to us, and we don´t not want to change. Yes, it´s true, we hate change!

(…people say they want changes in their lives, but then it´s mostly in accordance with their own preferences…)
Master Eckhart, famous Dominican, gives an example on the contrary:
A rich man´s wife lost one of her eyes. Then the man took out also one of his own eyes. He said to his wife: “Madam, to make you believe that I love you, I have made myself like you; now I too have only one eye.”
Look there the love of God for every human person: he gave his son to become man like us, sharing our condition of helplessness. His breaking-through to us makes it possible love him and to love each others. Could there be a greater gift?
And this is fulfilled in Pentacost, when the Spirit blows in to us.

Finland, where I afinlandm at the moment is  a different country I assure you. People look often depressed, but perhaps it´s not so.  There is a touching kindness and such an helpfulness among people. But before, you should see some faces! Well look here, for exemple:
See you in Lund end of May!
yours fr Björn


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