Domino End of Semester

Hello, allmost the end of the Semester. Hope to see you at Domino to say goodbye to those who are leaving and to celebrate this beautiful time together, I come to Lund Wednesday 29th and will attend the meetings the following days,  yours fr Björn
SUNDAY June 2nd         -this is the last Student Mass this semester.
9.50 am
Sunday Mass and Excursion – Celebrating end of semester
Gather at Lund C busstop H to take yellow bus nr 6 to Knivsåsen (bus towards Ystad).

Outdoor Mass, barbecue picnic, short walk for those who wish.
Bring things for the grill+ salad and sweet things! Domino offers beverages and snacks.
Back in Lund afternoon around 4.
In case of rain: Gathering at Sandgatan at the same hour- Mass there, and picnic meal – bring the same things.
Not sure? Call br Björn in the morning 076-2763667
TUESDAY May 28th
Prayer in the Spirit of Taizé

OBS -come 19.15 and we look at some songs together
Gathering with program afterwards
Look at about Taizé and their prayers.
Mass followed by lunch
Sign in for preparing on the list attached on the fridge at Sandgatan.
TORSDAG  ojämna veckor (5,7…) 23 maj

Tema om katolsk tro
Om Helighet – förebilder, ideal, att vara kristen och att vara sig själv. Nolwenn har förberett något.
And also:
Film and Discussion:  Badlands  by Terrence Malick, USA 1973, 93 min
A delicate, shrewdly ironic thing in the moment of its release, Terrence Malick’s debut now has 40 years behind it—and a revolution as well. Badlands, an internalization of the lovers-on-the-run thriller (personified by Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek, fresh as daisies), is the blueprint for Malick’s entire output, marked by near-whispered narration and communion with the natural world.
15.00    OBS – At St Thomas Church.
Sharing about the Holy Week in Taizé
We will have an afternoon of sharing about our experience during the Holy Week in Taizé.
Also, it would be nice to end our sharing with a small prayer followed by a dinner, so please bring something for the table! hope to see you all! God bless, Anne-Laure

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