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Film and Discussion Tuesday June 25th: Days of Heaven by Terrence Malick

hello, we continue some films during summer.
Next Tuesday, June 25th at 19.30 it’s time for anohter early film by Terrence Malick – Days of Heaven from 1978, 94 min long. Also discussion afterwards of course.

Bill and Abby, a young couple who to the outside world pretend to be brother and sister are living and working in Chicago at the beginning of the century. They want to escape the poverty and hard labour of the city and travel south. Together with the girl Linda (who acts as the narrator in the movie) they find employment on a farm in the Panhandle, Texas.
“Days of Heaven” is above all one of the most beautiful films ever made. Malick’s purpose is not to tell a story of melodrama, but one of loss. His tone is elegiac. He evokes the loneliness and beauty of the limitless Texas prairie. This is the story of a teenage girl, told by her, and its subject is the way that hope and cheer have been beaten down in her heart.

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Here we are at Dalby Stenbrott. After the mass and picknick we went for a walk and saw a lot of orchids.




Mass 3rd of June

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