Did we forget how to cry?

the past few weeks pope Francis continued to make moves of the Spirit. When meeting with African refugees at the Italian island of Lampedusa, where they arrive with boats, risking their lives – there he said: Our culture forgot how to cry.
In another context he said:
” What is in charge today isn´t the human person, but money. Money is in command. And God our Father has given us the task of caring for earth not for money. This is our charge. Instead, men and women are sacrified to the idols of profit and consumption. It´s a “culture of waste”.”Did we forget to cry? Are we treating people like garbage? Today, Sunday July 14th,  church all over the world reads the story of the merciful Samarian in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 10.
Read that story of your own, take some time to reflect of the systems of society we are adhering to, and of how you in your heart would like to be with other people- and yourself. Remind: it´s the outcast, the Samarian, that shows mercy to a suffering man in the story. Can we be unconventional like him? Finding fresh ways? God is love. Christ is love in our hearts. How can we express this love, make it real in this world?
yours fr Björn


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