Program DOMINO Autumn 2013

Hello, here is a general program for Domino this Autumn. Other things can be added, if you want to do  something.

Perhabs there will be some Saturday afternoons of entering in the Bible. And I hope  we can do a retreat-weekend at Rögle kloster with fr Wladek.

You also see beneath who is responsible for different things in Domino. Talk to them and help them in their tasks. Everything gets much more interesting when you engage and take personal interest in something.
If you are not yet member in Domino, adhere now, it´s a great help for to make subventions when we are doing things. Evelina will have the lists.
I will not be available on mail until Aug 23rd, only by phone.
see you,
Yours fr Björn

 Fr Paul-Do  will be present,participate among students and celebrate Mass.
Fr Björn continues as Student Chaplain, coordinates and makes program.
Evelina, 0705-65 24 29, will help to coordinate things. Turn first to Evelina if there is something you want to happen.

SUNDAY Sep 22nd, Oct 20th, Nov  17th – for Dec, look for later info           
Student Sunday Mas

Mass is followed by a meal and a program. Oct 20th it will be as Film and Discussion-evening.
OBS – for the meal , if possible please bring things for the table to share with others.
Benoît, 0730-46 82 50, will coordinate the Mass and meal,
Alexander, 0702-91 29 50, will look to the program afterwards.

SUNDAY Sep 15th, Oct 20th, Nov 24th , Dec 15th
Film and Discussion

Look for hours later.
Films on existential themes. Art, when made with sincere intention, has the inherent capacity of talking about the Gospel.
Become a member in Filmklubben Sandgatan 8.
Br Björn, 0762-76 36 67, take the responsability together with Magnus and Daniel.

TUESDAY even weeks (4,6…) –start Aug 20th
Prayer in the spirit of Taizé
19.30 -come 19.15 and we look at some songs together
Gathering with program afterwards- sharing on a theme alternatively on a Bible story.
Look at about Taizé and their prayers.
Verena, 0739-64 94 89 will care for these evenings (beginning of the semester) together with Magda, 0762-12 10 99 with help from Stefano.

Mass followed by lunch –start Aug 28th
Sign in for preparing the lunch on the list attached on the fridge at Sandgatan.
Evelina, 0705-65 24 29, will be responsible for getting people preparing the meal in the beginning of the semester.

TORSDAG  ojämna veckor–  börjar 29 augusti
Tema om katolsk tro
Fika och samtal om katolsk tro.
Benjamin, 0700-43 40 73, samordnar tema-mötena.

Walking Excusions
Some weekends we can have some hours of walk in the forest or by the sea, to relax, breath air and have picnic.
Nolwenn, 0736-64 89 38, will organize the walks.


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