Student Mass this Sunday Aug 25th + more next week


this Sunday we have the first Student Mass at Sandgatan, 100m up the street from the AF-building:
Student Sunday Mass, August 25th at 16.30
Mass is followed by a meal and a program, bring small things for the table and we share.

Young Adults +26 starts to meet  at 19.30 Monday 26th

First weekly Student Mass at 12.10, followed by at lunch together -Wednesday 28th

TEMA om katolsk tro börjar igen kl 17.15-18.30  torsdag 29 augusti.

Look for more beneath!
Welcome to DOMINO, yours fr Björn and fr Paul-DO.
and… 3 million young people gathered in Rio in July for the World Youth Days.
Here are some quotas from  Pope Francis during these days:
” I believe this the time of mercy, a change of epoch”
” We want a Church big enough to accomodate all humanity.”
“Never tire of working for a more just world.”
” If you have erred, do not fear.”
“We need to create a theology of women.”
” If a gay person is in eager search for God, who am I to judge them?”



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