FILM DAY Sunday 15th and Autumn Film Program

Hi, here is full Autumn Film Program! On Sunday, I´ll be there early, at 14.30! yours fr Björn
F i l m  D a y – SUNDAY Sep 15th
15.30  Mephisto

István Szabó, Hun­gary 1981, 139 min.
Szabó’s most known title, portrays an artist’s dilemma of choice between his conscience and his career in Nazi Germany.

18.30 Dinner
Bring simple, good things to share.
19.30 Taxi Driver

Martin Scorsese, USA 1976, 109 min.
A New York taxi driver, played by Robert di Niro, goes his own wild way.
SUNDAY Oct 20th
Colonel Redl
István Szabó, Hungary,1985, 144 min.
The story of how a military officer gets blackmailed into espionage in order to to keep his inopportune private life a secret.
SUNDAY Nov 24 th
19.15 Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000

Alain Tanner, Switzerland 1976, 116 min
Young idealistic people try to find their own ways to live in this warm and friendly film.
SUNDAY Dec 15th
19.15 Raging Bull

Martin Scorsese, USA 1980, 129 min.
Robert di Niro back as a boxer, a violent fighter, but who still remains a human mystery in this film.
Directors of the films
(born 1938) is the most successful Hungarian filmmaker.  Started off in the 60’s with a new take of cinema taking liberated technical forms and a closer look at real life, Szabó often engages in individuals’ moral challenges. Later on, in the 80’s, he, in Communist totalitarian Hungary, dared to charge these challenges politically.
born in 1942 in Little Italy, New York, which is often the setting of his films. Former Catholic seminarist, he became one of the most influential filmmakers of the 70ies and 80ies. A great story teller, with themes on the violence of the modern society, human passion and guilt. The human person stands in the middle of his interest.
Swiss director, (born 1929) is known for his poetic films on life in our society. Films that break free from the sad age we are living in, armed with sensitivity of the beauty of the world. The charac-ters in Tanner’s films have three questions in mind: To whom or what am I attached? To whom or what do I belong? And a question about the sense and possibility of the human liberation and truth.

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