Cultivate life!


yesterday we had a Film Day with good films and discussions. To talk about interesting films is a very good way of investigating the world and the life of humans. In Mephisto by Istvàn Szabò, the main charactor, an actor, “sells his soul to the devil”. And , as someone noted, not through any black magic, but in a quite ordinary way – striving for success, to be admired.  He, Hendrik, just had such an emptiness inside that he did not dare to approach, so a good success in Nazi Germany became a way of “being loved”. Saying yes to anything, to get loved by anyone.
Taxi Driver, the other film, by Martin Scorsese, deals also with a person in some way cut of from inner life. He goes into violence as way to maintain a glourious view of himself and prove his existence  – his “victory” comes through violence. And as someone pointed out: It´s a cowboy film in modern setting, and in that way a true critic over modern society, promoting as it does the ideal of the strong individual. In Taxi Driver, this way shows a quite grotesque face.

To cultivate our inner life – it takes time and effort, it is not always easy, it demands first reflection on life and then often a change of way of life. First of all it requires a calming down for excess of activities and relations.  But cultivation of life is necessary for true happiness and more love in this world. I think the Christian way has something to say people of today in this matter. Cultivate life, that´s whats it about,
see you for Taizé prayer tomorrow, I´ll be around, yours fr BJörn


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