News October 13

tomorrow there is a Sunday Student Mass – this is the occasion for all students to meet, from the various Domino groups and others who are interested, catholics and non-catholics, join at 15.30 or before to help prepare. Join also for the meal afterwards and the film, see below.
Domino is place open to everyone of good will. We are mainly Catholics, but this does not mean any claim on any supremacy. Rather it is our aim to receive others, to listen and talk with others. So even if your friends are of other faith or conviction, they are welcome to come. If prayers and organizied talks on faith issues seems odd to them, the meals on Wednesdays and Sundays, or the the FIlm and Discussion evenings (like tomorrow) are times that could feel more open.  A church not open to others, but shut in,  does not fulfil its mission. So it´s a really essential question for us.
Lot´s of things are happening in the world church after the election of pope Francis. Not new dogmas, but a new perspective and a sttong wind blowing. Keep yourselves informed what is happening, through f ex the Vatican web site. There are on the net many things to find on Church and Catholic faith – many not so reliable with ideological tendencies. So read what pope Francis is saying and is doing, not (only) what others say, yours br Björn


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