News Again

Did you ever think of the Gospel as the World itself? I mean – mainly religious faith is thought of as an extra to the world that is  in front of us. Something good, but perhaps not really a part of it.
But if the Gospel is the very structure, hidden in the world we see?  Then suddenly it´s about truth and discovery and curiosity…
People make in their lives the experience of failure: you don´t always succeed, or you live physical och psychical weekness. Very common! And for many this means a transcition to what is a new start in life. When things go bad (and they do) you may discover something. That your serious things should be treated seriously! That it´s important how you spend your time! That the “bad things” also could reveal something unexpected good!
What is happening then? I think of these “bad” things happening as an experience of death – and a death that contains the seed of life: A Widend Heart. A New Openness to Good Things.
Life through death as the very structure of the created world? The seed must fall into the darkness of the earth. Then it starts growing in hiddenness, comes up and becomes a beautiful plant. But, if it does not fall….
Good things are in front of us.
Next Sunday another Sunday Mass, join and make this a real community evening.
I´ll be happy to join for the next Film Evening the 24th. And Taizé Prayer the 26th.
And the following weekend there is the Student Retreat Rögle- A good group already signed in- do so you others too and collect yourself at the very start of Advent.
Register also for the Taizé European Meeting in Strasbourg for New Year – before Nov 27th place is garanteed.

yours br Björn


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