Newsletter Beginning of Advent

hello, advent is beginning this Sunday. It´s a priviliged time for waiting in thress times – Jesus Christ is born to this world, in our history 2000 years ago, in our hearts through his spirit today, at the end of time when all creation is transformed to likeness to God.
Waiting connects with patience, to have more patience with ourselves, with others, with life. Hidden in this waiting is a great hope for liberation for mankind, liberation from all our anxiousness, brutality and lack of joy. In the coming of God this joy is present.
We had a discussion after the Taizé prayer yesterday. As background was a text about the last days of time. Not an easy subject to connect to. We know very well, don´t we,  that there is a new day tomorrow and that history continues. How then can a text like that tell us something?
More then end of time I suggest: that we are put into an big history of mankind, not alone but part of a whole. A story about how we, born with fragile bodies are connected through history. Our bodies contain the mystery: the tranformation from mortal to eternal and radiant bodies.
St Paul talks about this tranformation in his first letter to the Corithians chapter 15.  He makes the comparison with the seed – it falls to the ground, dies away and is awakend by light to a new life – as a flourishing plant. The model for us: world is in tranformation.
Coming to God in this life, or after death means this tranformation of our bodies. Not the soul only? Did anyone among you ever connected to a person withour a body?

Last Student Mass this semester will be Sunday December 15th. I hope we can gather some people for singing in this Mass. someone interested? Tell me or Benoît,NOW!
yours br Björn


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